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Our expertise

We are good at development and design. Our motivated, skilled and involved developers support the more than 120 operating companies of VolkerWessels.
Not just in the Netherlands, but also in Germany, the UK, Canada, the US and Belgium.
With great pleasure, because we embrace our startup culture and experience lots of freedom on how to organise our work and select our solutions..


We have Python developers, Linux engineers, Architects and Security specialist.

Everything we do is based on Security by Design and follows our “ Open Source unless”  philosophy.

We use Terraform, Ansible and similar automation tools.

Together we build and maintain future-oriented data infrastructures and enterprise applications for the connected work space and to create, improve and deliver smart solutions to our customers.


We use the latest technologies and techniques, we follow technological developments closely and think in solutions.

Our managers manage our internal VolkerWessels customers, not our people!


Our designers create an online environment that logically fits together and offers an intuitive user experience.

The people at VolkerWessels use data more and more in their daily work, in the office and outside.

We create the always on-secure and scalable online environment that supports and encourages this.


We visit building projects to see for ourselves how our volkerWessels engineers and operators work and build and transform the world we live in.

And take our experience back home to further improve our solutions.