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Quick introduction

We are Triple S Transformations, a start-up that is creating new possibilities for smart and innovative technology solutions for entire VolkerWessels, the leading construction company in The Netherlands with major operations in the UK, the US, Canada, Belgium and Germany.

We embrace our startup culture and experience lots of freedom how to organise our work and selects our solutions..

Secure, Scalable and Simple

Digitization, robotization, big data, internet of things. The world around us is changing at a fast pace.
We are a builder, thus we work everywhere. Not just in the office or while we commute by train or bike, but also in the field and on site.

Not just form nine to five, but 24/7. And all the time we need to be able to access and create data.

This requires a secure, scalable infrastructure that is easy to maintain to facilitate a modern online work environment for our employees, partners and customers.
Everything we do at Triple S, is with security in mind.

But we are also focussed on value for money and ease of use. We don’ t like to compromise: Secure, Scalable AND Simple!!!

Open Source unless

The clever heads at Triple S realise this future-oriented environment to be use throughout entire VolkerWessels.


Currently about twenty driven, enthusiastic staff members from different countries, backgrounds and cultures are collaborating every day to transform VolkerWessels to a technology drive contractor.


Our people are free to select the best tools and solutions for the problems they are asked to solve.

Open source software plays an important role in our technology stack and toolbox.

It allows us to act quickly and adapt our technology to the changing world and its expectations at the pace we need.

And we love the philosophy behind Open Source. Pay it forward, not payback.


And that's cool! Start-up culture, within the stability of a well established company working on creating the physical world we all live in every day.

Want to join? Take a look at our vacancies.