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Cookie statement

The website www.s3transformations.com (“Website”) and additional services provided by VolkerWessels Triple S Transformations BV, Korenmolenlaan 2, 3447 GG Woerden (“We” or “Us”).

In this Cookie Statement important information is described about the different cookies and technics we use and for with purpose they are for.

1.What are cookies?
Cookies, and similar technics as JavaScript-code and pixels, are small text files that are placed on your computer or mobile device when you enter our website with a browser. Where by law is needed we will inform you through our website for acceptance before we place any cookie or similar technics if necessary.

2.Why do we use cookies?
For the best delivery of our services through our website we need to place a number of cookies for the following reasons:
A.The use of the website will be easier and better;
B.To make sure you won’t receive the same information more often than needed
C.To analyse and measure the use of the website (time spend, frequence of visits, the number of visitors, behaviour);
D.To get an overview of visitors and page views
E.To show video content of YouTube


3.Which kind of cookies do we use
This website uses analytic cookies as described below.

On the use of cookies from third party business the privacy statement and cookie statement of the third party business is valid.

Analytic cookies:
With analytic cookies we gather statistics of the use of our website by there users.

www.s3transformations.com uses the following analytic cookies;

Source of the cookie

Name cookie

Source domain









See: http://www.google.com/policies/privacy/


Google Analytics





Google analytics is a service of google the gather statistics of how our website is being used by our visitors

- 2 Year

- 1 Minute

- 24 Hour

4. Adjust browser settings
The most browsers can be set that cookies are not accepted or that you’ll be informed when you receive a cookie.

If you don’t want that our website places cookies on your device then you need to change your browser settings.
To change your browser settings, please refer to the manual of your own browser how to set the cookie setting.

Keep in mind that refusing cookies of our website may cause that some functionality is not working optimal.

5. Amendments
The purpose of this cookie statement is to inform you and can be adjusted at any moment due to changing conditions or changing law.

Please refer to our website for the most recent version of this cookie statement.